Avoiding Bad Commercial Electricians


In any industry, there are good and bad market players. There are ways however to discern which are good commercial electricians and which are the bad ones. The following are some of the signs that what was contacted is one of the bad commercial electricians of the lot.

a.  License or Certifications. Always ask for the license number or copy of the certification of a commercial electrician contacted. If the commercial electrician is unable to provide any sort of certification upon demand, be on guard because they might be one of those fly by night firms. Good commercial electricians know that any given time when doing their job, their certifications and licenses would be checked.

b.  Overcharging. Good commercial electricians would be fair in their pricing for their services. Bad ones would hark about the ’expensive’ services they would be performing. Often, the services would cost more than the real cost. While there is an initial cost to the services, during the service costs rise and keep on rising.

c.  Fake Parts. Another similar scam perpetrated by bad commercial electricians is the use of fake parts. Fake parts can be used parts presented as new or substandard parts held out to be originals. Bad commercial electricians would pressure the owner into replacing parts and recommending parts brought during the examination. Good commercial electricians would remove the damaged part and have the owner purchase the part for replacement.

These are but examples of how bad commercial electricians operate. They perform tasks without showing their certifications and/or licenses for verification. Good commercial electricians charge the customer fairly while bad commercial electricians overcharge on the work allegedly performed. The bad ones utilize fake or substandard parts in the work they do.

Discerning the good from the bad takes skill. With this list, it would be easier to see who the bad commercial electricians are and avoid them altogether.

By valariearthur

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