AMAC Equipment Options for Effective and Safe Aerial Operations


Make your aerial cable installations more effective with AMAC Equipment sets built for long-term use, improved safety, and time-savings.

Aerial equipment is one of the crucial factors you have to obtain for assurance of effective, fast, and safe operations. Nonetheless, it is not enough to find tools that could perform tasks, such as aerial cable installations. It is also necessary to ensure that the equipment is long lasting and will keep the workforce from further harm.

AMAC Equipment Limited provides a series of aerial equipment, which is high quality, built to resist heavy activities, and developed for longevity. Given below are few of its tools:

1. Single Roller Cable Blocks. AMAC provides the tool to support a single coaxial, copper cable, or fiber optic up to 70 mm outside diameter. Its cable blocks have built-in strand lock that could fit up to 10 mm strand to avoid slow locomotion mode. The materials used to develop the cable blocks are either molded plastic or durable cast aluminum.

2. Pole Mount Cable Blocks. These cable blocks are made to support fiber optic or small-sized copper strands. It could mount on 15.88 mm bolt of a three-bolt clamp. It has a rating capacity of 22.6 kg. The material used for the cable blocks is steel frame plated with zinc.

3. Cable Benders. These are materials delivering mechanical wrenching action to develop loops of enlargement that could last for more than 25 years. The benders guarantee reduced stress, consistent performance, prevention of additional hand formation.

4. Overlash and Economy Blocks. These are supports for copper cable, single coaxial, and fiber optic strands of up to 3.75-inch external diameter at the maximum. The blocks do not lock on strand. Different from overlash cable block, the economy alternative has an integrated cable retaining system with an arm loaded with spring.

5. Pole Bracket and Mount Adapter. The bracket is suitable for both 45-degree and 90-degree corner blocks. It has an easy to set up ratcheting strap and perfect pole fit.

Other aerial equipment sets from AMAC include swivels, cable pulling grips, fiber optic cable puller packages, fiber optic cable puller hitch mount, and slip clutch capstans among others.

By valariearthur

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