What E-Waste Does to the World


Human beings have always been in the habit of producing tons of trash annually. Towards the end of the 20th century, the human species have created a noxious, dangerous and new waste: the electronic waste which has come to be popularly known as e waste. E waste in Mississauga is considered to be an alarming issue. In the modern world, both developed and developing countries are caught up and hooked on high technology gadgets like computers, cellular phones, televisions, iPods, Video games and many more. According to a report coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is estimated that Americans will throw away about 30 to 40 million computers every year. It is also further projects that 25 million televisions will be taken out of service yearly as more and more viewers are opting from analog to digital televisions. On top of these reports, American consumers are also thought to discard around 98 million cellular phones annually and this figure is increasing every year.

What is E-waste?

E waste in Mississauga includes high technology trash or simply e waste refers to those electronic items which are no longer in use by the consumers and are therefore disposed of as waste or garbage by the users. However, unlike the usual garbage, much of the components of e waste in Mississauga is not really biodegradable nor does typical waste pose threats to both health and the economy. Every time consumers upgrade to improved and new technologies, the discarded materials become electronic waste when they are not recycled properly. People have yet to come up with an efficient way of recycling e waste in Mississauga in order to save the environment from further destruction. It seems that it is a case wherein technology has advanced quicker than people realizing the implications of these electronic wastes.

Where it All Began

The term electronic waste has just been coined recently as devices of sophisticated technology only began to be produced on the later half in the 20th century. Before the 1970s, there were already traces of little production of these technologically complicated items. Every item consisted of about 1,000 different substances as well as several toxic which created serious pollution and harmful effects when disposed of. Every year, it has been reported that more of these devices are created as the demand increases and more are also thrown out. This began first in highly developed nations like the United States, Canada and Japan. This event actually led to technological revolution but on the other hand, it also led to electronic pollution revolution. America which has an immense population is considered to be one of the biggest locations where these e waste come from.

By valariearthur

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