What is it that people love about Global Vac industrial systems?


Over the last few decades, vacuum pumps have gained popularity around the globe owing to the wide range of applications they enhance. Competition in the manufacture of these machines has led to improved designs, which has thoroughly boosted the consumer experience for different classes of functions. A well maintained industrial vacuum pump not only enhances smooth operations in your facility but also benefits from an increased service life.

One of the most aggressive providers of industrial vacuums in Canada is Global Vac. With a unique engineering approach to vacuum applications, we offer a range of high end systems for industrial use:

– Lubricated rotary vane systems

– Dry carbon pumps

– Hook and screw vacuum pumps

– Water and oil sealed liquid ring pimps

– Vacuum and medical air systems

Each of these systems comes with a compact design and is tailored for a specific purpose. Our lubricated rotary vane industrial vacuum pimp is useful in applications such as research and laboratory, meat packaging, vacuum drying food processing, electronic assembly, laser applications, medical processes and thermoforming. This series offers distinct benefits such as quiet operation, cool running, adjustable gas ballast valves and a compact design. The machine is engineered to work with 460 volt, 230 or 208 volt 3 phase power supply, although customized designs are also available depending on your power source. With a standard gas ballast valve, the industrial vacuum pump successfully prevents the water vapour from condensing, allowing it to pass though the pump as a gas. This keeps the oil clean

Our rotary vane industrial vacuum pump series are available between 1 and 25 hp. These pumps are supplied as tank mounted packages, basic pumps or stack-mounted systems which allow room for the addition of future pumps. When you make an order, we ensure that your system is fully wired, integrating all components before shipping.

By valariearthur

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