The Benefits and Uses of the Oil Mist Filter


An oil mist filter is responsible in making the air quality better especially in the area where the air intake is located and this is only possible with the help of an oil mist filter. Once the oil mist filter performs its job well then the result is that the power output is maintained at a certain level while there is less need for the air filter to be replaced frequently than before. Air filter needs to be replaced as often as necessary before the oil mist eliminators are developed because of the occurrence of oil fouling. This is why it is necessary for industries that have oil mist emissions to employ an oil mist eliminator or filter.

If there is no proper system installed in a working plant, it results to wastes of thousands of liters worth of oil within a year because of the oil mist that are being emitted. Instead of replacing the turbine oil which is a very expensive process, it is more practical to return the oil that is trapped by the oil mist eliminator and sent back to the system to be reused. The initial cost that required for the installation is further reduced with the help of oil mist filter since it has no requirement of a complicated venting and the pipe work is quite easy to install. Once it has been installed, the system works be removing all oil mist that is visible and then it help release clean air out into the surrounding environment. The system can be used in steam turbines, diesel engines as well as gas turbines. It also helps in removing oil stains, aids in decreasing pollution in the environment as well as improves the current site conditions. One advantage is that the unit can be mounted in an area that is convenient since it does not have to be near the source and installation can mounted either on the floor or in the machine.

Oil mist filters are used in many different applications such as:

  • They can be used in mechanical pumps.
  • The operator of the equipment is able to check on the amount of oil that is already trapped in the system with the use of the sight glass.
  • They are also employed in chemical as well as chemical plasma series.
  • The oil that has already condensate at the second group will not be used for recycling to be sent back to the pump but it will rather stay inside the body of the mist eliminator.
  • The oil mist eliminators can also be used in applications involving the pump-aggressive gases that can be found during plasma etching.

Oil mist filters are also employed in the hermetic series such as those mechanical pumps that are hermetically sealed. These are commonly made out of stainless steel material. Before any shipping, the oil mist filters are used to check in order to determine if there is helium leak even at the lowest rates. These can also be used in a closed loop system that requires exotic gases to be pumped into the system.

By valariearthur

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