Types of printed circuit boards


The assembly of printed circuit boards involves a range of steps, which use surface mount technology to create a fully functioning system. A circuit board base is made up of thin boards composed of an insulating material. The work of a circuit board assembler is to set in place the various components that make up a functioning board.

Permatech offers several types of printed circuit boards, including

 – Rigid Single Side PCBs

Rigid single sided PCBs require low level complexity to use and are considerably simple and easy to manufacture as they only have a single layer of copper on a rigid base material.

– Flexible Single Sided PCBs

Flexible single sided PCBs are very similar to rigid single sided PCBs, and are the least complex and cheapest to manufacture. This type of PCB consists of a solitary conductor layer on top of a flexible dielectric film.

   – Rigid Double Sided PCBs

Rigid double sided PCBs consist of two copper layers on a rigid base material. However, both sides of copper layers are not connected. Platted through holes of the double sided printed circuit boards have two copper layers.

 – Flexible Double Sided PCBs

Flexible double sided flexible circuits are made with two copper layers and both layers consist of a dielectric layer between them.

– Rigid Multi Layer PCBs

Rigid multi layer printed circuit boards have more than three copper layers that are usually separated by insulation and layering the base of the circuit board.

– Flexible Multi Layer PCBs

Flexible multilayer flexible printed circuit boards are composed of three or more copper layers. Copper layers in Flexible multilayer PCBs have dielectric layer in between them.

Permatech Electronics Corporation is an aggressive circuit board assembler, whose aim is to stretch the limit of possibility is all aspects related to circuit boards.

By valariearthur

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