How to Choose the Right Product Packaging


Once you have established a business then it will only take a small amount of time before you have to deal with how your product is packaged for shipment since there are a lot of options to choose from such as clear plastic boxes packaging. Do not wait until the last minute before realizing that you don’t have the right packaging that will ensure the safety of the product while in transit. Remember that the packaging should also be obtained at a reasonable cost in order to still have a profit at the end of the day. Packaging can affect the product in so many ways while travelling thus it should have proper planning.

There are four main rules that should be noted when deciding about the packaging of a product. First and foremost is that it should be low cost, the packaging should be able to protect the products inside, it should be attractive in order to catch the buyer’s attention and make a lasting impression and last, it should follow the regulations set when it comes to packaging in your country.

There are different layers when packaging a product, even just for a single product. The first layer is called the consumer packaging and it can be used by the consumer directly inside the house once they open the package. Examples of consumer packaging are soap placed inside a jar, pills with clear plastic boxes packaging and screws that are located inside a toolbox. The second layer is the one responsible for the product while in transit and referred to as distribution packaging. Once the package arrived in your doorstep, this will be the packaging you will see at once. The last of the packaging layer is called the warehouse packaging. These are more commonly seen in bulk orders. Packaged products are placed inside big boxes in order to be shipped in containers and sent to warehouses.

There are four steps included when deciding on a products packaging:

– The first thing a business should do is conduct a market survey and see what your competitors are doing in terms of their packaging materials, shapes as well as colors.

– Next, choose what kind of packaging you want and bear in mind that there might be changes along the way.

– Locate a supplier in your area that can produce your packaging starting with a small order for testing.

– Test the packaging and modify if there are any changes until you find the right one for your product.

The main purpose of the packaging is to protect the product as well as the consumer packaging used such as clear plastic boxes packaging but this is not where it ends. The packaging should have information or labels on it. There should be proper symbols such as recycle for materials that can be recycled while poisonous should be marked for products that are harmful. Information such as these is required by packaging regulations depending on the country. Do not forget to place your business information such as name of the company and logo.

By valariearthur

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