CNC Machining – High Productivity with Maximum Accuracy


CNC machining in Toronto operates a wide variety of machines that are numerically controlled through computers. By numerically controlled, it means that after the computer has converted the design produced through CAD software, it is transformed into numbers. These numbers are coordinates of a graph that controls movements of cutting tools in the machine. CNC machining is a very typical way of ensuring efficiency and precision in the manufacture of various products.

CNC milling machines for cutting and drilling

Cutting and drilling are some of the operations handled by a CNC milling machine. This is one of the most widely used machines in CNC machining because it can quickly produce parts that would normally require several steps. Wastage of material is also avoided because errors can be easily detected and rectified. Like drilling, the milling operation makes use of a rotating cylindrical cutting tool but when used on a CNC milling machine, the cutting tool moves along multiple axes to produce various shapes, slots and holes.

Unlike the single axis motion of a drill, the workpiece moves across the milling tool in different directions. Axes are labeled with different letters; X and Y are used to designate horizontal movement of the workpiece. The movement of the workpiece can either be forward and back or side to side on a flat plane. Z is used to represent vertical or up and down movement while W represents diagonal movement across a vertical plane. Most CNC milling machines include 3 to 5 axes so that it can perform along the X, Y and Z axes. Advanced machines used in CNC machining include the 5-axes milling center that can produce complex geometries that are impossible through manual milling methods.

CNC turning machines for high precision cuts

Machining shops used to shape metal with manual cutting devices but although this method is still being used today, it is gradually being replaced by CNC machining in Toronto. Nowadays, the same shapes and cuts are created but with increased speed and precision. Spinning and turning can be handled manually but it can take a great deal of time and resources. CNC turning machines are numerically controlled by a computer to make fine mathematical precision cuts with speed and surface quality. One of the best features of the CNC turning machine is its ability to cut material both from the inside as well as the outside. The operator inputs the program on computer with all the basic numbers and instructions that are associated with the cutting process and the computer will tell the machine how it should take care of the work.
Simple and easy but CNC machining has to put up a significantly large investment to acquire machines with CNC capabilities. However the large capital is not a serious concern if the machining shop will achieve high productivity that makes it competitive. CNC machining helps deliver metal components at higher production rates with maximum accuracy for manufacturing products. This is the major reason why, in Toronto, CNC machines are now at the center of operations.

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