Building Management System – The Importance of an Automated System


It is common for buildings to have an electrical and mechanical system in order to have a satisfactory environment. When the systems are properly controlled, hot water is always available when the taps are opened with radiators providing sufficient heat to rooms. Comfortable conditions are maintained through HVAC system no matter how many occupants the building has. Building management system is in control of the mechanical and electrical services in the most efficient way possible.

Automation of building management system

There are many exciting developments in building management system that are being implemented. Traditional systems include standalone applications for separate monitoring and control for HVAC system, energy metering, lighting and power management. New ways in building management system include automated building control processes, information sharing between departments, and improved response time during emergencies including reduced installation and life cycle costs. In building automation, computerized controllers are installed to take over the management of the building from heating, ventilation and cooling to lighting. The electrical and mechanical systems of the building are operated intelligently and more efficiently.

When there is proper control over HVAC, building occupants enjoy the benefits of comfort and health. It also minimizes energy costs due to space pre-conditioning and reduces the need for outside air when it is not necessary. When individual systems are not controlled and closely monitored, they tend to malfunction causing discomfort not to mention that it is a waste of considerable energy. Through automated building management system, facility operations are simplified. Data is seamlessly integrated from various systems through a graphical user interface. This minimizes the need to commit to memory different commands or point numbers. Point and click graphics allow everyone to know and understand what is going on in building operations

When there is control over mechanical equipment they become more reliable and require less maintenance. Sophisticated controls that are required in automated building management systems are simple to handle and operate. Most conventional controls usually meet design criteria and can be adjusted to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Immediate benefits of automated building management system

Computerized controls help maintain even temperature and lighting levels that result into lower operating expenses. When consistent temperature and proper lighting levels are maintained, energy usage is minimized as well as energy wastage. When the tenants are satisfied with building management, there are fewer complaints that eventually lead to a happier building environment. When tenants know what is going on through real time graphical displays, they understand the efforts being made by building management to ensure their health and comfort.

Unexpected equipment breakdown can be very stressful and expensive but when mechanical equipment is properly monitored and controlled, there is less wear and tear. Equipment life is also extended and keeps maintenance costs down. Most automated systems include better software and hardware to manage the facility and cut operating costs. At the same time, the building gains the ability to compete because of the better system. The value of the property is also enhanced because it puts value on the comfort of tenants.

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