The Fine Print of Custom Powder Coating


Custom powder coating is a simple point and shoot job with the right equipment. Do not fall into that naive mindset. There is more than just clicking a trigger and pointing a nozzle. The following is what is known as the fine print of custom powder coating.

There are many common issues when it comes custom powder coating. One is the proper angle of the nozzle, the amount of paint and the number of passes made. Here are some ways to avoid any issues when it comes to custom powder coating.

Position of the item. When doing any custom powder coating job, it is best to hang the item if it is small enough. This would allow you to move the item around to see that the powder paint has been properly distributed and applied on the item.

Location of the item. To avoid any errant air from entering the custom powder coating, it is best the process be done within an enclosed area such as a booth or garage. Air once that comes between the surface of the item and the powder paint, forms bubbles on the item making it an eyesore.

PSI of the Nozzle. The nozzle or the gun is one of the most important pieces of equipment used in custom powder coating activities. How much the gun pumps out is determined by the PSI rating. Do remember that this activity requires only low pressure, between the 5 to 10 PSI. Having a working regulator avoids having pressure above this range, making the activity not a custom powder coating work but abrasive blasting work.

Clearly, knowing the fine print of custom powder coating helps make the work easier and more efficient. Proper positioning of the item and proper location of the item helps the custom powder coating process become easier. Proper PSI rating of the nozzle would make the custom powder coating process efficient in the long run.


By valariearthur

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