Techniques when Renovating your Kitchen


Kitchens are sometimes one of the most neglected parts of the house but in these modern times, kitchen renovation in Toronto is important because it is already a place where the guests can hang out too. If you are thinking about adding just a fancy cabinet then that is not the end to it. The kitchen must be functional and easy to work around for the people who are always using it. Here are a few techniques to keep in mind:

– To make things faster in the kitchen, things should be located near where it needs to be. When doing a kitchen renovation in your Toronto home, keep in mind to eliminate unnecessary steps. After using the dishwasher, you should be able to unload all the dishware and flatware faster and you can do this by placing them in an area close to the dishwasher. The breakfast table should have near access to all things used such as bowls and breakfast foods.

– Before starting with kitchen renovation in your Toronto home, make sure that the walkways within the kitchen is wide enough. All the paths around the kitchen area must be a minimum of 36 inches while the cooking zone should have a space of 42 inches to walk around. If the kitchen is designed for two cooks, there should be a wider path of around 48 inches. During the planning phase, make sure that the kitchen islands as well as peninsulas are located with the accorded spaces.

– If you have a family with kids, it is important that the cooktop should be placed in an area with less traffic. It is to avoid the kids getting burned or causing spills as the cooking is ongoing. The refrigerator must be placed in a way that the cook as well as other people inside the house can have easy access to it at the same time.

– The microwave must be positioned in the right height. Keep in mind that for families with kids, it must be placed in a below-countertop setting to ensure safety. Adults, on the other hand, should be able to reach the microwave in a height around 15 inches higher than the countertop.

– The doors of the cabinets inside the kitchen must have enough space to open and must swing in a direction with no obstruction. Cabinets should be opened simultaneously without the doors hitting each other.

– Know what the function of the kitchen island will be in the kitchen. If homeowners have plans of cooking and eating on it, there should be ample space of safety from the cooktop.

– If you are one of those people who are hands-on in the kitchen then you will know that counter space is important. There should be countertops between the range and the sink. If the homeowners have kids then countertops with two different heights will make things easier for smaller kids when helping out in tasks such as baking and preparing meals.

By valariearthur

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