Why you should go for steel stairs


When building a home, one has to make a decision on the type of stairs he will incorporate in the building. Over the years steel stairs have been preferred by most homeowners owing to the numerous benefits attached to them. Handrails, balustrades and stairs can be made of either timber or steel however the choice on which materials to go for lies with the user. Some of the major advantages of settling for steel include:

Can be used inside or out

Steel stairs are a perfect fit for outdoor or indoor setups. If you are thinking of joining a sunken lounge to your main house or connecting more than two stories then this is the way to go. They are a perfect replacement for wooden stairs as they call for minimal maintenance and always give your home a sleek finish.

Unique designs

Steel stairs can be fabricated into numerous custom designs unlike with other materials. Whether you need spiral shaped, l-shaped, curved or straight stairs an architect can get that done for you as the material is absolutely flexible.

Strong and durable

With steel stairs you are saved the worry of warping, rotting and termite infestation. Its good news to everyone that this equipment is weather resistant hence it can last for ages. It can also hold large weights without grabbling down.

They are economical

Installing steel stairs is cheaper compared to use of other materials since the structures are pre-fabricated before being transferred to site. Steel stairs do not call for maintenance as neither replacement of any part nor painting is required.

At scarboro steelworks Inc. we specialize in the fabrication of high quality steel stairs for the Canadian market. Different designs can also be made depending on client’s needs. We have been in this industry for years which has earned us a lot of experience in production of number one item and customer service.


By valariearthur

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