What Makes Fiberfrax Products Unique?


The fiberfrax family of products has found a unique place in the hearts of engineers, but why? This article tells you why most engineers will always go for the products in this class compared to most of its competing products.


Unique heat dissipation formulation

Most engineering processes involve high-temperature operations, and the right materials for the use should reliably handle extreme temperatures. The formulation of the products, high heat dissipation alumino-silicate substrate is impregnated on the matrix making it both unique and superior to other classes of products.


High chemical stability

A good gasket material for advanced engineering projects should be highly resistant to chemical corrosion. Known to offer high stability when exposed to various chemicals, fiberfrax products are not only a must have, but also a highly reliable option for both industrial and commercial scale sealing needs. This does not mean that the materials in this family of products are totally corrosion-proof. Some chemicals such as phosphoric and hydrofluoric acids and strong alkalis have over time been proven to distort their formulation, so should be kept away.


Thermal hardening

Although fiber-frax products can stand high temperatures, they are known to have an initial decomposition when exposed to temperatures over 4500F. This leads to gassing and release of small pints of smoke when freshly installed. Over time, the materials harden leading to highly stable features that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Optionally, the inorganic series of fiber products should be used.


The creation of a unique product that stands out in the face of extreme temperatures requires advanced design expertise, stable chemical formulation and an elite selection of engineers. It took over three decades for Fiber Cast Inc to formulate, develop and practically test the now most appealing high-temperature fiberfrax family of products. As a leading manufacturer of advanced engineering products, we pride in having a wide selection of products that have over the years stood the test of evolutionary engineering processing. For more details, or a quote, contact us through +1 (905) 319-1080.


By valariearthur

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