Woven Wire Mesh Applications


There is a wide variety of the screening media which can be readily installed in vibratory screeners. The challenge of most professionals is the type which would best suit the application.

The commonly used screening media is the woven wire mesh which is used for plenty of applications including sizing, scalping and dewatering. The woven wire cloth is usually designated as space screen or square mesh. Space screen refers to the inside dimensions of the opening which has to be further designated with a certain specific wire diameter. You need to take note that the wire diameter does not really affect the screen opening. However, it does affect the open area which is the percentage of the opening space that is available in a screen section. The square mesh refers to the number of openings in a lineal inch which is measured from the centerline to the centerline of the diameter in the wires. Therefore, with the use of the same mesh you can have several opening sizes available which is dependent on the wire diameter that you have selected. Take for example the openings will be much smaller as you select heavier wires.

The woven wire cloth is typically a widely accepted material for most screening applications. It is also best suited for medium to fine screening and is likewise available also in the widest variety of metals with stainless steel and carbon steel as the most common of all. While the square openings are considered to be the most common, it can also be supplied with some slotted openings in order to provide increased open area and provide more capacity.

The following are the advantages should you choose to use woven wire cloth:

–  It offers the greatest variety when it comes to screen openings.
–  The material has a great open area.
–  The flexibility of the wires will help in facilitating the removal of cost and additional fines.
–  For this particular type of screening application, the use of woven wire cloth is the most economical option in the market.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages with this particular option which includes the following:

–  They normally wear out easily when handling abrasive materials.
–  The weaving on the wire creates knuckles which at times impede with the flow and the cause wherein some materials hang up while the wires stretch out.
–  The knuckling may call for the material tension to be checked on a periodic basis and then tightened when needed.

In most cases though, the advantages of using woven wire mesh far outweigh the disadvantages. However, in order to for you to make a brilliant decision on the best option to choose, you have to access to the knowledge which will help you in making a very educated decision. This is where you need to ask the opinion of professionals. You can also now hopefully be enlightened on the versatility of this option. Woven wire mesh has proven through time to be a brilliant material for various applications.

By valariearthur

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