How Does a Demister Works


Demister is commonly employed in many different applications as well as devices. The purpose of demisters is different depending on the application. Take mirror demisters for example which is designed to ensure that the surface made of glass or mirror will not fog up in the process which can be caused by mist deposits. Demisters are very commonly seen in household appliances. There is a different category of demisters and these types are used in other applications with functions and purposes different from that of a regular demister.

In our everyday life, demisters are in operation especially in making sure that mirrors are not fogged. These can either be mirrors found inside the bathrooms, car windows or equipments used in scuba diving. If the user demands a specific requirement that is not achieved by the regular demister in the market then there are manufacturers that cater to clients that need a customized one. People who are familiar with scuba diving will know the struggle in cases when the fog builds up on the surface of goggles since these are made of glass. When this happens, divers have a hard time seeing under water for things that they are looking for. The most common solution done by divers in order to prevent the accumulation of mist is to use their saliva in cleaning the equipment before rinsing them with water. With the help of demisters which is a type of chemical, the glass material of the goggles can be cleaned using the product. This is to remove any fog and to prevent further buildup in the future. These products are commonly found in shops that sell diving materials and other goods.

Aside from scuba diving goggles, another everyday product used that is susceptible to fog is the car windows. Fog tends to occur in places where the temperature of the inside of the vehicle is different from those of the outside. If the window temperature is lower compared to the temperature of the air then fogs buildup. Once the temperature does not match, there is condensation with the water vapor this causing the buildup of fog. Once fog occurs the driver may not be able to see the road clearly which can pose a risk of road accidents. In this case, a demister device can be used which helps in heating up the surface made of glass thus matching it with the air temperature. Once the temperature is equal, condensation will not occur and any water vapor that may have fogged up the glass will start to dissipate. This is not applicable when frost builds up on the glass of the car.

Another application is in the bathroom mirrors where fog is common especially after taking a hot shower. The hot water causes the air to warm up while the temperature of the mirror remains the same thus causing fog buildup. The same device used in car windows can also be used in this case to make sure the mirrors are always fog-free.

By valariearthur

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