How to Make your Own Archery Target Bag


Great archery target bags are invaluable equipment for archers who want to practice their craft at home. A good archery target bag lasts for a significantly long time. It will stop your arrow neither too fast nor too slow so that the arrows can penetrate the target up to fletching. The target should have a grain strong enough to be able to turn the arrow off its original oath. Targets with strong grains will fatigue the arrows and thus give a poor grouping pattern. Such target will not give a true flight to the arrow groupings you need to judge if you practice or skills have progressed. A good archery target will need to be large enough in order to cover the few flyers and make the practice area very safe. This is actually more important if you are someone who is still a beginner much more so than experienced shooters who can shoot small targets.

If you choose to buy a commercially made target bag, it will always involve less fuss compared to targets that are made at home. In most cases, the commercially bought targets are better than home-made targets especially if you practice with broad heads on. On the flip side, you can also make the home-made archery bag target larger compared to the commercially made targets. With a little thought placed in to it, you can make something very cheaply. Here are some DIY archery target ideas for you to work on if you have plans trying this path.

  • Use hay bales. You may buy two firm hay bales and then stack these on top of each other. You can then compress them together with the use of a pair of tie down straps. In order to look aesthetically better, you can wrap them around in a shade of cloth that you would like.


  • Use compressed cardboard bales. Go to the local store manager in your supermarket and ask if you can buy some cardboard bales. This part is important in that you should not sneak around the back and steal. Most of the supermarkets will sell $20 per bale to the recycler.


  • Use garden bags. Go to your local hardware shop and buy beige colored garden bags that will unfold into large cubes or rectangles. Carpet retailers will be happy to provide a fill for your bag from their bin. You can also access shrink wrap at work that will keep incoming goods in place during shipment. Fly wire or shade cloth will also work well. You can mix these recyclables together if you do not have enough of one of these. Stomp it all inside the bag tightly, close the flap lid with bale hooks.


  • Use layered foams. If you can access Styrofoam easily, then you are in business. You may also use a carpet underlay for this. Another option for you is to buy quality closed cell foams or rubber sheets from different retailers.
By valariearthur

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