How to Fix Your Discolored Teeth


Dental practice is a vibrant career whose growth remains anchored on availing affordable oral care. When your teeth are discolored, dentists can now cosmetically get them fixed. In only four steps, you can have your confident smile and a health sense of oral hygiene restored. To respond to such concerns, cosmetic dentist Toronto services are recommended. DO NOT attempt working it out by yourself, otherwise you risk damaging your teeth.
There are clinically two main ways of fixing your discolored teeth. The first involves cleaning them. Alternatively, you can have your discolored teeth “coated” with a thin layer of artificial enamel. To determine the most appropriate process to undertake in restoring your once white teeth, professionally instigated dental advice is recommended.
If your cosmetic dentist Toronto determines cleaning as the most appropriate, several steps are involved. First, determination of the extent of discoloration on your teeth is established. This is followed by determining the possibility and amount of any plaque on your teeth, whose removal program is then established. At this stage, the dentist determines the right chemicals to use in cleaning your teeth. This is followed by establishing a whitening program suiting your condition.
In case your dentist advises for artificial “coating” of your teeth, crowning the entire mouth, a few teeth or veneering can be done. The costs and amount of time required in each procedure differs considerably. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist Toronto should advise on the best way of navigating your teeth discoloration problem. In crowning, more procedural processes are undertaken, while veneering involves a straight forward coating of each tooth independently. Successful crowning of your discolored teeth involves masking the discolored teeth with an artificial prosthesis matching the initial tooth, with minor structural modifications.
In case you have any of your tooth discolored, or need any other dental service – emergency or scheduled, you need expert dental service. Queens Quay Dental will always be the right place for your dental treatment and consultancy needs. For more details about our service, visit

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