Types of Air Compressors Available in Toronto


Compressed air is of vital importance in several major industries in Lens Equipment – and hence the importance of air compressor Toronto. These compressors are used in the metal industry to shape metal, in the mining industry for ventilation, pneumatic tools and filtration, and in power plants for applications such as silt blowing.
There are different types of air compressors Toronto. They include:
Oil-injected rotary screw air compressors
As mentioned earlier, several industries in Toronto cannot do without air compression because their functions rely on it. Our oil-injected rotary screw air compressors are able to meet this demand while bringing a number of advantages to you. These advantages are;
– Around the clock reliability
– Reduced operational costs due to the wholesomeness of installation
– High vapor handling properties resulting in cleaner air
– Easy and safe use for users
– Accurate valve control
– Efficient cooling systems and therefore no overheating
– Outstanding clean oil systems and therefore longer service periods
– Significant reduction of compressor costs because these compressors are fitted with the variable speed drive technology.
Reciprocating compressors
They are also known as piston compressors. They use pistons driven by shafts to give off high pressure gases. Usually, they are well adaptable to non-lubricated applications, heavy duty and continuous working. They are efficient where there are partial load and also save horsepower at no-load situations.
They are heavily used in oil refineries, chemical plants, blowing polythene terephthalate bottles, natural gas plants and gas pipelines.
Fixed speed compressors
These compressors run at a certain constant speed or at zero speed. They are good for applications that require constant air flows throughout the processes. They are also known as idling compressors or load/ unload compressors.
Variable speed compressors
These are good for applications that require fluctuating air flow. They only run at required speeds and are great energy savers.
Oil-free compressors
Oil-free compressors effectively eliminate the risk of contaminated air and are therefore perfect for sterile environments. They are used in food and beverage processes, pharmaceutical processes, power generation and electronics manufacturing. Due to the element of clean air, they are environmentally friendly, energy saving and cost effective.
At Lens Equipment, we take it upon ourselves to make air compressors Toronto meet your compressed air needs.

By valariearthur

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