Tent Rentals – A Tent for Every Occasion


Many events are being planned outdoors because they do not want guests to be cooped up in an enclosed space indoors. Even if many event venues are developed into beautiful and elegant spaces, nothing matches the scenery and fresh air in the outdoor environment. However, there are many details that have to be considered for an outdoor event like tent rentals including catering to make the event a happy occasion.

Benefits of tent rentals
Weather can be unpredictable but by renting a tent, you become well prepared for a sudden downpour. Tent rentals will ensure that guests do get wet or chilled on account of the weather conditions. Tent rentals usually come with tables and chairs which would ensure that guests will be comfortable for the duration of the party. Tents also allow you to be creative with décor and accessories so that you can create an environment that is uniquely yours. Hotels provide venues that are sophisticated and chic but oftentimes, they do not successfully match with your ideas. Through tent rentals, you have the freedom to create a space that will be exciting for your guests. An informal occasion is best held outdoors because guests gain more freedom to move around. Through catering and tents rental, you avoid the after-party hassle of cleaning and packing everything. Tent rentals include assembly, installation and disassembly after the event. No worries on physical labor for the preparation of the tent.
Choosing the right tent to rent
Pole tents vs. canopy tents
There are different types of tents available for rental. Pole tents are traditionally used for events but sometimes the center poles can be distracting. Pole tents are characterized by a set of individual poles arranged beneath a fabric roof that is attached through ropes and cables at designated areas along the canopy’s edges. Stakes on the ground are used as anchors so that the tent does not get blown by the wind. Years ago, pole tents used to be the only type of tent available but times have changed and there are different styles to choose from. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, a better option is the canopy tent that will allow you a dance floor. Although pole tents remain popular for outdoor events, canopy tents have become a more economic option because it is easier to install. However, canopy tents are not equipped to handle heavy wind and rain because it is not securely anchored to the ground. Canopy tents are good options for an outdoor party during summer when the chances of a heavy rainfall are almost zero.
When choosing the type of tent, make sure you know beforehand the exact number of guests that are invited for the event because it will be a factor in determining the right size. You also need to decide whether you need a dance floor and additional space for a band. The great thing about tent rentals is the availability of different sizes and designs that will fit whatever theme the occasion calls for.

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