What is Ceramic Fibre Board?


Ceramic fibre board refers to a special class of vacuum produced designed to offer high resistance to higher velocity fluids. Typically, the board is used in handling gases. This is due to the inert state and the improved ability to handle low to high moderate compression effectively without deforming. In making the board, pure fiberglass and other premium cast materials are pressed under high pressure while binding them with the suitable binders. This makes them ideal for use in stack lining, making boiler ducts or lining furnaces.


In its ideal formulation, ceramic fibre board is made from low thermal conductivity materials. This translates to low heat dissipation, transfer and storage – allowing for shorter transfer cycles and comparatively faster access during maintenance. Therefore, when used in areas requiring regular servicing, maintenance schedules will always be executed in record time without any delays sourced from systems lengthy cool-off periods.


The material content of a ceramic fibre board is typically inert and free from asbestos. Consequently, any excessive heat is conducted away, with minimal surface damage due to heating, chemical or gas attacks. The boards are therefore, resistant to corrosion by hot and gases and most chemicals. When used in lining industrial components, you do not have to worry about the effect of using various chemicals around surfaces impregnated with the fibre boards, as the outcome will always be the same – non-corrosion.


The unique features of ceramic based fibre board makes it well suited for various cross-industrial applications. These include high and low performance applications such as lining of high-temperature furnaces, combustion chamber lining, refractory lining of monolithic and brick surfaces as well as lining of transportation cages for molten metal substrates.


There are various grades of fibre board depending on the ceramic content as well as the volume of non-material substrates. For guidance on the right ceramic board for your use, contact us today.

By valariearthur

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