Application of structural steel fabricators


Structural steel fabricators yield high quality and fitting bridges. Bridges such as truss arch and cable-stayed that requires complex fabricators are taken care of. The shipping industries have the self-steer spread-axle trailers well fabricated to carry long and heavy loads. An excess weight of 100 tons can hence be carried. For the erection services, bridge steel are rehabilitated, damaged girders are straightened using heat among other activities. Next beam has a stouter tee leg with greater strength and depths that are shallower. Use of structural steel fabricators has improved durability, easy inspection, lowered cost and enhanced quick bridge construction. It is available in F and D designs. Emergency replacements of for example fire damaged bridges or products that need steel fabricators are another application.


Structural steel fabricators have a number of applications, including:


  • Bridge fabrication
  • Shipping
  • Building and industrial fabrication
  • Erection services
  • Next beam
  • Emergency replacements


Building and industrial fabrication takes into account building structures such as biomass power plants, coal and natural gas fired power plant, clean air support steel, healthcare among others. There are different common shapes of structural steel fabricators that include; z shape, HSS, I-beam, L shaped cross section, structural channel, tee, rail profile, bar, rod, plate, open web steel joist among other shapes that a client can choose from to meet the desired requirements.


Our advanced technological input and qualified team at Scarboro Steel Works Inc. has enabled the efficient and pocket friendly application of structural steel fabricators on various projects that range from commercial to industrial. Houses, hospitals, storefronts, offices, among others are all beneficiaries. The company takes your project through drafting, 3D modeling, engineering, fabrication, assembly and installation. These fabricators has increased life span of protects and enabled protection against environmental hazards such as rust and abrasion.


If you have any questions regarding structural steel or need a quote for its fabrication, contact us at Scarboro Steel today.

By valariearthur

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