Process of metal fabrication


Metal fabrication is the process of constructing metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling. It is a process that builds machines and structures from different raw materials. The standard raw materials could be plate metal, welding wire/welding rod, casting, formed and expanded metal, and tube stock.

Metal fabrication focuses on several stages to produce, finished products from raw materials. These stages are cutting and burning, forming, machining, welding and final assembly. Raw materials have to be cut to fit different specifications. This is achieved by use of different tools. One of the common ways of cutting materials is by shearing, also known as metalworking. Special band saws are made of hardened blades and feed mechanisms to allow even cutting. Chop saws or abrasive cut-off saws partly resemble miller saws though the chop saws have abrasive disks. For large sections of steel cutting, cutting tools like cutting torches give the best results. The forming stage involves material deformation. It is a stage where a force is applied on a piece of metal or material until the desired shape is acquired. The forming process can be controlled by tools such as punches or dies. Machinery is also important in the regulation of force, magnitude and direction. After the forming stage, the material goes through the machining stage, a stage that simply removes unwanted materials from the metal block so as to acquire an accurate shape. The formed and the machined material will undergo welding for assembling purposes. Welding is the center of focus in steel fabrication. The final stage is the final assembly, once the weldment has cooled off, the material is sandblasted, primed and painted, ready for sale.

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By valariearthur

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