Why should you choose a rotary screw vacuum pump?


Although there is a wide range of technologies used to generate a reliable flow of vacuum, there is no single technology that can achieve optimal efficiency for every vacuum level. Certain technologies, however, have excellent lifecycle cost or energy efficiency while others are have commendable process compatibility, simplicity or lifecycle cost. Rotary screw vacuum pump machines from Global Vac are in the catalogue of our high tech efficient improvements and solutions specifically developed to meet the changing customer needs

Global vac offers a range of vacuum pumps, whose performance characteristics have been deliberately implemented, with the aim of bringing the highest level of sustainable productivity to Canadian customers. Whether you want an oil-run or oil free vacuum pump, Global Vac has the capacity to meet your needs at minimal cost. The most important thing for us is to have the set of technologies that enables us meet performance characteristics for a given product.

Our oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump gadgets have capacities going up to 1900 cubic meters per hour, which are viable for virtually any type of industry. The incorporation of intelligent components makes them easy to operate at variable speeds depending on the desired output. Based on the well-known plug and play design principles, these vacuum pumps are designed with easy operation format to make easy for everyone.

Other advantages of rotary screw vacuum pump systems from Global vac include

  • Up to 50% energy savings efficiency
  • State of the art technology with smart intelligence, variable speed drive and inlet control valves dramatically increase the efficiency of the system while reducing production costs
  • Environment friendly design that conforms to the country’s energy management and environmental commitments. The ultra-high oil retention level exercised by the machines enhances the reduction of environmental impact.
  • Super quiet operation – the noise levels are far below most other technologies out there.
By valariearthur

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