Places You Must Use Threadlocker


Threadlocking materials have found a wide array of applications today. Their use in a diversity of industries remains a top priority is almost irreplaceable. In fact, recent studies indicate the use of threadlocking compounds as critical for various processes. Below are some places your use of threadlocker guarantees excellent results.

Closing up nuts and bolts

In creating ballistic joints between threaded and non-threaded bolts, a threadlocker is a great option to watch out. The chemical formulation of the locker allows for airtight interlocking of the bolt and nut dies, making it harder to lose them. As a solution for creating permanent joints between the bolts and nuts, your choice of the right locker is of paramount importance in defining the quality of joint created.

Joining water pipes

Leaking water pipes yield millions of cubic meters in water loss each year and only well sealed piping gives the assurance of a leak proof waterway. With water having minute molecules, airtight sealing of inter-pipe joints is an essential tool for keeping leakages away. This is best achieved through the use of a suitable threadlocker.

Sealing gas leakages

Leakages along a gas supply system can be highly catastrophic. This goes beyond the loses likely to be suffered when such leakages occur. In commercial and domestic gas lines, joints are spread across various parts along the pipeline, raising the possibility of leakages. To optimally close out any chances of gas leakage, the use of various inert threadlocker formulations is advised.

To know the right threadlocking formulation for your use, expert guidance from an experienced supplier or manufacturer such as Invertec Canada is advised. In particular, your immediate threadlocking need might require a unique formulation that does not exist in the regular market. To be sure of the formulation you use, contact Invertech today and we will be happy to assist you.

By valariearthur

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