Businesses You Can Start With a Roll Forming Machine


A roll forming machine is a great industrial component that yields precise outcomes when perfectly used to capacity. Although most roll forming equipment are specialist in nature, there is need to perfectly match your needs with the machines you have. However, you might consider incorporating additional tooling facilities on your roll former to yield additional products. Here are some additional business lines you can incorporate in your roll forming business.

Roofing solutions

Conventional roofing solutions are tailored with groove drop lines. These are best crafted when dealing with advanced roll forming facilities. Although a separate dedicated roof forming machine maybe necessary, you might find it useful modifying your existing roll forming machine to have the additional capabilities related to roof development. The roof bending machine ensures that you leave surface impressions on roofing materials matching different consumer needs.

Gutter forming

To produce complete gutter profiles, you need to have the right equipment, and a gutter forming machine is a great way of achieving flawless outputs. Critical components in this process include a decoiler, a guiding, special roll former, a hydraulic cutter and an out table for your profiles.

Rack forming

Warehouse racking facilities require well and uniquely tailored products, that can be best attained through racking forming. When done at a commercial scale, rack forming allows for effective supply of racking facilities, and so does the venture require an investment on the right equipment.

Wall panel forming

Customers require wall panels of different shapes, sizes and designs. At ideal, these are crafted designs that can be effectively stamped on the sheets using the appropriate roll forming machine. The wall panel forming machine allows you to create custom outfits for clientele in different areas.

For a complete list of additional lines of business you can effectively add to your roll forming business, contact Industrial Equipment Design Inc.

By valariearthur

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