There are numerous types of mild steel mesh flooding the market meant for numerous applications. Galvanized wire mesh is one of the most common types you will come across during your window-shopping. In general, pure steels are known for their ability to handle heavy loads without failure. However, this factor is undermined when the steel is used in applications where it is exposed to agents of corrosions such as steam. In such cases, galvanized steel is used to overcome corrosion.it is resistant to agents of corrosion as it contains a protective layer that can tolerate harsh environmental conditions. As a result, wire mesh made from galvanized steel boasts of strength properties as well as corrosion resistance properties which make it both durable and versatile to numerous applications.
Galvanized wire mesh comes in a number of configurations. These are the woven type, the welded type and the knit wire type. The woven type which is also commonly referred to as the wire cloth is characterized with minute openings. This type is commonly applied in the making of sieves and door or window screens. In addition to enhancing security, the woven type of mild steel wire mesh is used to achieve free air flow into and out of the house.
The welded type of galvanized wire mesh consists of welded horizontal and vertical wires. Welding means that fusion of metal occurs at the joints hence making the structure robust and applicable to very harsh conditions. The welded type of wire mesh is mostly used for construction purposes as a form of reinforcement due to its rigidity. It may also be used in fencing since it can hardly be broken into. The knit wire type of wire mesh is mostly used as a barrier for livestock and poultry. It comes in a wide variety of hole sizes hence making it easy for you to choose the best size that perfectly suits your application.

By valariearthur

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