Bauer Danfoss Drives Analyzed


At Bauer GMC we only use the best quality of motor vehicle parts. Our main aim is to increase motor production while ensuring that our customers’ get value for their money as well saving it. Part of this achievement has been achieved by partnering with other top quality product manufacturers. In respect to this, we have partnered with Danfoss to solely provide us with Danfoss drives. This is the leading provider of frequency converters currently available in the market. This company has a full range of compatible drives that are compatible with the wide variety of engines currently available in the market.
The reason as to why we chose Danfoss drives is their reliability and ease of use for they are always developed with the latest technology. In order to ensure the proper functioning of all its products in any given application, Danfoss personally manufactures all the components of its Danfoss drives. Such components are power modules, boards, hardware, software and other accessories.
Bauer GMC ensures that the best in gear motor products and systems are offered to customers by ensuring that we source our drives from the leader in the market. Our core provider of drives, Danfoss has a series of drivers, including the VLT Automation Drive FC 300. Those who know the FC 300 single drive concept know that it can control the entire range of all other operations on any machine. This drive is built on a modular open-technology platform which makes it more adaptable and programmable than all other drivers.
Danfoss drives offer us with a variety of drives, which enable to choose the best for the right kind of application. Drives for VLT are available in eight different specifications which depend on the need of the end user of the drives or scope of the project.

By valariearthur

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