What to Know About Threadlocker

The chemical threadlocker has made it much easier to secure the critical assemblies. Choosing the right threadlocker will allow you to securely fasten nuts, washers and bolts.

What are Chemical Threadlockers?

The chemical threadlockers are liquids which have very powerful adhesive properties. They usually provide superior layer of protection whenever compared with the conventional lock washers along with other fastening devices. All you need to do is to simply apply liquid threadlocker to the threads before you tighten these. Then, the threadlocker will harden in order to create a hard plastic kind of seal. Today, there are plenty of kinds of threadlockers which include stick, tape, liquid and gel and all of which are rightly suited for various applications.

Advantages of Using Chemical Threadlockers

The chemical threadlockers refer to powerful adhesives which come with a wide range of benefits as compared to the traditional fasteners. The benefits include the following:

  • Greater vibration protection. The threadlocker occupies the space in between the male and female threads thereby locking the fastener in place and also provides greater vibration protection.
  • Seals out moisture. Whenever moisture penetrates into the assembly, it can cause havoc. Threadlocker will help you in avoiding corrosion and rust which would otherwise be threatening the integrity of the joint.
  • Seal out excessive heat and coldness as well as other environmental conditions. The threadlocker does more than just protecting the assemblies against moisture. It likewise seals out dirt, heat as well as other kinds of contaminants in order to create long lasting and clean seal.
  • Better torque retention. If you are building an assembly which will experience torque pressure then you need to be equipped with a chemical threadlocker. The lock washers only provide you with holding strength up to the point of contact whereas the chemical threadlockers will transfer the amount of force in the entire piece in order to attain greater durability against vibration, heat and time.
  • Adapts to various sizes. The bolts and nuts are very sensitive to size. Threadlocker on the other hand is a solution that you can apply to assemblies of different size. If a correctly-sized lock washer is not available then you may not be able to entirely complete the job and even worse, you may use a lock washer of incorrect size. With threadlocker, this problem does not arise. Ultimately, instead of having to carry all of the different sizes and configurations of lock nuts and lock washers, you may carry a single tube of the threadlocker for direct application.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider when shopping for a threadlocker.

  • Size of the fastener. If you will be using the small 5/16” bolt, then you will not need a high strength threadlocker since the bolt will not really experience heavy torque. Typically, you will need a stronger threadlocker for the larger fasteners.
  • Torque specification. Consider how much torque you will need in the assembly.
  • Nature of the assembly parts.
  • Expected need for the threadlocker in future assembly.
By valariearthur

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