Quality High Temperature gasket

FibreCast is one of global providers of special products used in industries in diverse application groups. FibreCast has for over 25 years in the market experienced the best products and solutions through integration of both excellent customer service and innovation. As an organization, we are committed to transformational ideas into solutions and products that give advantage to the customers. FibreCast is proud of a progressive track record and an understanding of the needs of the customers. The company further develops products of high performance to meet the specific needs of the customers through industrial requirements. As a company, we excel in refractory products including high temperature gasket for all industry applications.

FibreCast industry provides the customers with a wide range and variety of temperature gaskets that are manufactured from refractory products. The seals and high temperature gaskets can be customized for certain applications. These materials are available for applications up to the temperature of 1600 oC. The high temperature gaskets are on high demand in the market because of their usability across different platforms. They can be used in different platforms and applications and this raises their demand and need in the market. Some of the available gaskets in the market include CNC machined, Rope, Tadpole and Dye Cut.

A high temperature gasket comes in different classes and therefore, it is applied differently in different areas. These areas include door seals, use in boiler, reformer seals and oven, expansion joints, petrochemical heaters, annealing lines insulation covers and sanitary shuttle and tunnel kilns. There are also other industries that produce the same gaskets, but FibreCast has stood out above them all. The high quality, resistant material, temperature resistance characterize some of the qualities of the materials produced by FibreCast. Have you been searching for high temperature gaskets? Your search has come to an end, FibreCast is your solution.

By valariearthur

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