How to Get Rid of Heat Tint

Heat tinting can conventionally occur when a metal thickens due to the oxidation of surface layer covering the metal. Extensive layers of heat tint increase the thickness of stainless steel and iron. Common on stainless steel; surfaces, the oxidation layer leads to discoloration of the smooth silvery finish on the surface due to the chromium underneath the surface getting singled out to the surface.

To effectively get rid of heat tint, surface annealing of stainless steel surfaces is required. In case the oxidized surface is a structural form in your home, you need to hire a mobile welding Toronto service. The mobile kitty should have the required facilities to help you get rid of the oxidation layer, otherwise, the resistance of the metal surface increases considerably.

For the mobile welding Toronto service to artistically help in resolving the oxidation problem, the stainless steel surface is brushed with gels, and pastes that make its removal easier. The mobile unit should also be fitted with the facilities that best match your need with its ability. A further plus would be if the facility has a spray or immersion unit for acid pickling of the oxidized surfaces.

An alternative would be deploying stainless steel passivation as a post-welding curing process. Stainless steel surfaces treated this way are best known to handle oxidation challenges effectively without the need for further treatment at future dates. It should also be noted that not every welding facility has a solution to this challenge; only special function welding units are equipped to handle the heat tinting problem.

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