Get started on a custom closet design

A closet is what you make it. It can be just a simple space to store your clothes or a mark of beauty and elegance for your home. A perfect closet should inspire your fashion and style, in addition to adding aesthetic value to your bedroom. In fact, by just painting a walk-in closet, you can massively transform it from a normal storage space to a refreshing storage area. Your colour choice should complement the existing home decor. In most cases, white shelving makes the space look more open and spacious, while bright colours are youthful and versatile. With custom closet Toronto you can have your closets designed in exactly the way you want them done.

Closet solution is dedicated to customizing home and office closets depending on the existing space requirements, decor needs and personality tastes. We offer a vast array of styles to make your custom closet Toronto a worthwhile investment. Your designer helps you choose the right elements and accessories to enhance your personal style at your budget

Different people have different tastes when it comes to closets. The one thing they have in common is the appetite for elegance and beauty. A custom closet Toronto is a work of art, which cannot be achieved without dedication to purpose.

At Closet Solution, we use different types of closet organizers to equip your storage:

Wire shelving

This type of shelving is easy to install, although it cannot hold a lot of weight without giving in. It is a generally cheap installation, although the cost can vary depending on the type of wire used

Wood shelving

A wood shelving custom closet Toronto is a bit difficult to install. It, however, offers sturdier performance and more resistance compared to wire shelving

Tube shelving

Tube shelving is easy to install, as it only involves a few tube pieces which do not necessitate cutting or measuring

Your choice of closet organizers should be inspired by the function for which you use your closet.

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