Three Reasons Why a New Boring Machine is always best

Although used boring milling machines offer cheaper alternatives to the conventionally “new” or “unused” machines, there’s a plus in buying it fresh from the shop. Tos America is a one-stop shop offering brand new boring mills and other related tooling equipment, and for the best results, our experts recommend buying a new mill. Here’s why it’s best for you.

Capitalizes on Latest Technologies

As machines get used, the underlying technologies get obsolete over time. This makes them less effective, or comparatively less effective in undertaking various projects. As a result, there is need to always match your project with the most appropriate technologies available in the market.

Saves you on repair and maintenance costs

Older used machines have higher maintenance costs than their newer and unused options. The same is true for boring milling machines. Newer machines tend to have lower operational costs when compared to the used machines. Besides, the spare parts for older boring machine models become faced off over time making them less available in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Although the cost of acquiring a used boring mill may be comparatively lower than that of a new machine, its operational cost might be higher, making it less cost-effective in the long-run.

Improved level of integration

Recent developments in the boring milling machines come with a highly integrated level of operation, where on-mount activities and a set of other processes can be easily performed concurrently. As a result, businesses can always leverage on the highly integrated mechanical, structural and operational levels of the machines. By doing so, the operational capacity and speed of the mills is greatly improved leading to an overall improvement in the operational process speed.  For example, most recent boring mills can be easily fitted with various Automated Head Changers through which various functional bits can be effectively fitted fostering both their functional and operational capacity.


By valariearthur

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