Make the most out of your energy with TAC I/A Series

The TAC I/A Series building management system allows you a complete building control, access and monitoring from the location of your choice. From commercial buildings, to hospitals m and high rises, all types of buildings can achieve greater efficiencies with this interoperable, open and powerful management system.

The TAC I/A Series is designed as a java web-based product, with pure browser, thin-client access for any project size. So, why would you choose this system over other related software?

It delivers intelligent automation for different types and sizes of facilities. It is built to be an open, interoperable system that allows third-party integration. The fact that its designed on a java platform with an internet access gives you control from anywhere around the globe.


There are three main applications of TAC I/A Series

  • Access control
  • HVAC control
  • Video security

The system supports feature-rich access and control by meeting stringent security regulations. It offers the authentication that enables temper-proof communication between workstations and controllers.  The whole design is meant to deliver a complete day monitoring and access. The HVAC control capabilities of this system go beyond the standard heating, ventilating and air conditioning capacities, to include real-time data collection, and dynamic customization to meet upcoming needs.

If you are looking for an alarm management and reporting system, then TAC I/A Series will work for you. It offers a sophisticated alarm processing and routing facility that includes paging, cell phone and email reporting. It has a smart scheduling feature, delivered in a graphical calendar with options for event and holiday planning. Those who have used TAC I/A Series controls from JBS Services have noticed the amazing simplicity of the platform. An administrator can easily get a full report of different functionalities by simply accessing the audit-trail functionality for a log of the different platforms of the system.

By valariearthur

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