There are numerous gear motor types that you will come across when you go shopping for the same. It is quite important to make a few considerations before coming up with a concrete conclusion on the particular type to buy. Some may be too weak for your machine and may fail within a very short period of operation. Others may be too expensive for your operation hence leading to wastage of resources. In order to understand some of the features of gear motors, it is important to first know what they are.

A gear motor can be described as a mechanical system comprising of a motor, gear train that magnifies torque and an output shaft that is connected to the load. All these are included in a single casing. The reduction gear ratio varies from one equipment to the other. Some have up to five multispeed ratios while other have only two. The fewer the gear ratios the fewer the options you have for controlling the output speed and torque. The gear train works in such a way that it multiplies torque while reducing speed. Therefore, the lower the output speed, the higher the torque and the more the load the motor can carry.

When shopping for a gear motor, you should first consider the required power output. You can consider putting in a factor of safety to cater for any overloads that may occur during the running of the machine. You should also consider the configuration or alignment of the gear train. This will determine the position of the output shaft hence affecting the positioning of the gear motor in your workshop. Lastly, you need to ensure that you get the right size of motor for your workspace. If you have a small workspace, you will definitely need a small motor but with the right required output power.

By valariearthur

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