Ways of testing electronic circuit board assembly

Electronic circuit board assembly is a step by step process. Before the process can be termed as complete though, testing has to be done to ensure that the item fits the set standards and is fit for use. There are a number of tests which are done including:

Visual inspection

It’s checking for any defects on the item with the use of eyes.  An inspector should have a clear idea on how the item should look in its good form so that he can note anything which is out of order.

Power off testing

It’s also termed as analogue signature analysis. It’s done when the printed circuit board is not attached to the power system. When this step is skipped, some items may end up in the hands on the clients in the wrong form which may dissatisfy them.

Power on testing

Electronic circuit board assembly cannot end without this step. Here, physical measurements are done to ensure that things like voltage are in the expected range. If things are not in the right form, the step which was missed is repeated and if nothing can be done, then the whole item is discarded.

Functional testing

A good electrical circuit board can only be defined as that item which has the ability to perform the tasks it’s made for. A functional test is usually done to ensure that the system can work. Additional pads are usually provided to ensure that the final product which reaches the client has not been used.

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By valariearthur

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