Protect Your Workers with an Oil Mist Collector

You would find more diseased people in today’s technological advanced era than ever. The reasons are obvious – polluted air, contaminated water, toxic cleaners, chemical laden food and list goes on and on and on. Now fresh air to breathe is a basic necessity more so in our working environment where we spend good part of our day. Everybody wants to breathe in clean, fresh air wherever they work. An oil mist collector is an air pollution control device. Its role is to remove toxic mists and vapors from process air streams. Apart from the clean gas that emerges from the oil mist collector, the liquids can also be recovered and recycled in some applications.

Because of their extreme usefulness, many industries take advantage of mist collectors in their daily operations. They are especially popular in networking applications where vapor quality is so important. It is important to choose your oil mist collector supplier carefully – one who offers after-sales support. This is important because regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Particulates can stick to the vapor and become trapped in the collection screen.

The design of an oil mist collector can vary, but an important aspect is the filter. Vane packs are among the most popular filters implemented in mist collectors. No matter the specific type or size, the filters cause a drop in pressure which draws moisture to the collection area. Mist collectors enable the capture, but also the reuse of the liquids they remove.

Your Answer to Air Quality and Wellness
Get your oil mist collector from the specialists because then you provide clean air for workers, you provide protection for equipment and electronics, you meet all air quality standards and you reduce maintenance costs of machines. Why not talk to Aeroex? They’ve been operating for 20 years already and they’re simply known as the experts who seriously satisfy their customer’s requirements.

By valariearthur

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