Refractory Bricks

FibreCast is an international company that offers complete suite of refractory products that are created with the high quality heat materials that are resistant. As a company, we are proud of our reputation in the market in the creation of refractory products designed for efficiency and maximum performance. FibreCast specializes in different products ordered by the customers with regards to the customer requirements and needs. These include the vacuum-formed products, specialties, refractory products, refractory fiber products, monolithic, refractory modules, refractory gaskets, refractory bricks and fire protection. These materials are designed and manufactured with high quality materials. More so, FibreCast produces and delivers effective combination of load bearing ability and insulating properties for its products especially for the refractory bricks.

FibreCast prides itself in the production of quality refractory bricks. They are designed with the highest quality materials to deliver effective combination load bearing capacity and insulating properties. The customers both loyal and first time take comfort in understanding that the bricks products leverage the best in manufacturing protocols and this is in accordance to chemistry requirements and specific structure with high structural integrity. FibreCast continues to strive in delivery of valued refractory bricks with high performance protocols and competitive prices to maintain reliability. These refractory bricks and products are designed for the purposes of structural applications and insulation properties.

The bricks are used alone and or as backup with other resistant monolithic refractories. The insulating firebricks conserves energy and further protects the outer shell of the heat container from high and extreme temperatures. The refractory bricks can withstand temperatures and very high temperatures up to 3000°F/1650°C. There are other industry players in the market that offer the same products but FibreCast has remained a global leader producing satisfactory products that meet the needs and specification of the customers.

By valariearthur

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