Basement Renovation Process

Modern lifestyle studies show that comfort and luxury have taken toll in the minds of people .Sure enough; we only live once so it’s good if you live your life to the fullest when because tomorrow is not certain.Remodeling your basement not only adds comfort to your home, but also enhances its functionality. This is not as complicated as such because Hammer t basement renovations Toronto brings you a solution to your worries. With a complete package ranging from redesigning to completion, you don’t have to be there to supervise as we ensure everything is done to perfection. All you need to do is pay few coins and watch as your basement is transformed to a whole new thing. We offer a stepwise renovation process than ensure everything is captured:


This involves having an idea on the activities which have to be in place during the whole process. It will not only prepare one psychologically for what is to come but also give you an understanding on what is needed.


This is where the designing of the intended basement renovations Toronto is done.

Structural repair

Fixing of things which may not be in order such as broken doors and sockets are done in this stage. It is aimed at restoring the operating ability of equipment.


At times you may need to bring up a wall or a whole building. This will mean more cost though and should be considered only for those who have higher budget plans to avoid surprises.


Basement renovations Toronto process ends with doing finishes. Painting and other final touches are done according to client specifications to add touch to the whole process. Without this step, a house would be good but may look too dull for comfort ability.


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