Mist Eliminators from Leading Emission Control Experts

There are many industries where mist eliminators play a critical role. Mist Eliminators are needed if you want clean, quality air. They prevent oil mist from contaminating the air as well as soil. They are critical to industries because they help a facility to comply with environmental regulations and reduce fire hazards.


The mist eliminator removes oil-mist carryover from oil flooded rotary compressors for instance. They are easy to install in process equipment, they increase recovery of valuable liquids and they offer high efficiency with low pressure drop.


Mist elimination protects equipment and processes from droplets in the process gas stream. The droplets come from condensation during cooling or by high gas velocities resulting in liquid carry-over. Efficiency is key in mist elimination, and this is achieved by matching the mist eliminator profile and configuration to the exact characteristics of the gas flow.

For these mist eliminators to work properly, they need to be designed in such a way as to collect the droplets present in the system. It is important to define the size of the droplets present. After the droplets have been collected, the mist eliminator removes the droplets from the system by draining effectively.

Choose Aeroex for so Many Good Reasons


When designing a mist eliminator, engineers assess the environment the mist eliminator will operate in. This is so that maintenance requirements are minimized and the legal air quality is achieved. Aeroex are leading emission control experts with decades of experience behind them. Their mist eliminators exceed today’s air quality recommended limits of 0.500 mg/m3.   The idea with any mist eliminator is to keep operating costs as low as possible and match the budget of the end user. Call Aeroex, they are not noted worldwide as a symbol of success for nothing.  

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