The distinct feature of very narrow aisle racking is that the space in between parallel racks is greatly reduced. The placing and retrieval of pallets is done using a side loading forklift. This ensures that the size of the aisles in between rows is kept at its minimal. In most cases, this space is reduced by over 40%. The very narrow aisle racking system can be purchased in originally slotted columns or tear drop style columns. You can use them up to a height of 40 feet. The improvements that have been made in design of forklift trucks now allows them to operate smoothly in spaces that are five feet wide. This allows for VNA storage to be conducted in the storage facility. The systems that are used offer a significant reduction in the floor space that is used therefore leading to major savings in the costs associated with warehousing.

The pallets that are used in very narrow aisle racking are 100% selective. This type of racking ensures that there is uninterrupted access to the products that are stored and that the warehouse space is maximized. It is the most effective storage solution to use when you want to increase the pallet storage per unit area. The columns and beams used are either structural or roll-formed steel. The very narrow aisle racking is used in various applications including industrial, retail, general warehousing and cases of limited storage space. The systems offer you the best picking rates for your products. This will improve your business operations and increase your profit margins. The design of the racks ensure that you have good stock rotation in your storage facilities. You will be able to load and unload pallets within the shortest time possible. You can contact any of the nearby steel racks manufacturers and ask more about the best storage solution to use in your warehouse.

By valariearthur

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